Local Initiatives to get Involved in on Your Holiday

Local Initiatives to get Involved in on Your Holiday

Local Initiatives to get Involved in on Your Holiday

Whilst this pandemic has been tragic and tiresome for us all, the benefits to the environment have been a stunning upside to all this mayhem; along with that many of us have had our mindsets shifted to focus on a more sustainable way of life.

One of the many ways we can put this into practice is by incorporating community initiatives into our holidays. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in local communities and truly learn first-hand about life in the country you are visiting.

South Africa is the perfect destination for you to explore this concept as they have initiatives in place country-wide and they are always looking for a helping hand. No matter the length of your stay or your specific interests, we have found an option that will work for you!

Accra Classroom

International Volunteer HQ

Volunteers that love children, this is the place for you to be! Cape Town has a large number of schools in underprivileged areas and they are in desperate need of teaching assistance. Sometimes 1 teacher can be expected to teach 60 pupils!

This program focuses largely on primary education. They aim to create safe and inclusive environments for education, specifically focusing on children in need or assisting children with disabilities in their schooling.

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Projects Abroad

Based in Cape Town, Projects Abroad offers a wide variety of programs for you to get involved in. Promoting early childhood development at child care centres, coaching football for disadvantaged students and providing basic healthcare in rural areas just being a few of them. They offer programs ranging from one week to a whole year, depending on what your desired time frame is.

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They offer a wide range of wildlife conservation projects to get involved in, as well as community projects.

The wildlife projects allow you to work in game farms and rehabilitation centres, where you can get up close and personal with wild animals. You can also learn a lot about the bountiful nature that South Africa has to offer and you can play an active role in conserving it. As well as working in green projects where you can work on sustainability efforts in underprivileged areas.

Click here for more info on GoEco in South Africa

Clean C

Clean C is lead by a team of locals who are passionate about South Africa and it’s people. They have lead multiple beach and community clean ups throughout the last 4 years, removing over 100 tons of rubbish during that time.

They aim to build communities up through education and skills development. They also host sporting events to bring communities together and raise funds for upliftment initiatives.

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Habitat for Humanity

This initiative focuses on community construction in the rural areas in South Africa. Whether it be renovating or rebuilding, these areas are in dire need of basic facilities such as health care clinics, schools, sanitation areas and recreation centres. If you have practical skills and a heart for the community then this is the perfect project for you. Engage with community members as you work together in a team environment to create an improved standard of living that will carry through for many years to come.

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With all of these and so many more projects to get involved in, there is no excuse for you to not take a more sustainable perspective on your next trip to South Africa.