The four accommodation buildings each offer a different perspective on the landscape and farm. The Manor House, The Slave Quarters, the Dairy Rooms and Edge House are all original footprints of the historic farm, converted with great sympathy and flair by the owners, and furnished with an elegant mix of beautiful antique pieces. Each room is individually decorated. A fence around the entire property provides privacy and security.

Edge House

  • Seed Room
  • Pharmacy Room
  • Milk Room
  • Tool Room
  • 2 Bedroom Villa (Blue & Green Room)


The Blue Barn

  • Weddings & Functions Venue


Slave Cottages

  • Grey Room
  • Oriental Room
  • Map Room


Dairy Rooms

  • Cape Room
  • French Room


Manor House

  • Green Room
  • White Room
  • Beige Room
  • Brown Room
  • Blue Room