How to Treat Yourself the Day Before Your Wedding

How to Treat Yourself the Day Before Your Wedding

After months of stressful wedding planning, your special day is finally within reach! Now you deserve a day to treat yourself properly; surrounded by your closest friends, you are sure to have a wholesome and fun day whilst also preparing you to be your absolute best for the next day. We have come up with the perfect day for you to indulge in.

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Morning Yoga

It’s the day before your wedding and you want to start it off right. You don’t want to do any strenuous exercise as you might risk getting injured or simply tiring yourself out. Therefore, we recommend doing a nice 30 minute to 1 hour session of yoga. This will get your muscles moving but still provide a sense of peace and relaxation.

Bubbly Brunch with the girls

After your yoga session, you can get ready and head out to brunch with your girls. You might as well add some bubbly to the equation since you’re celebrating your special day! Just be sure to not overindulge in the bubbles as that might leave you feeling sick or bloated. This can be a lovely time to catch up with your best friends and reminisce on your single days.

Get your nails done with your bridesmaids

Getting your nails done is a MUST, the day before. You don’t want the stress of doing them on the actual wedding day and it’s a lovely activity to bring your bridesmaids along to. You can all chat while you get you matching sets done. It will leave you feeling pampered and beautiful.

Healthy Snacks and Movies

Have your best friend stay over to keep you company and choose some of your all-time favourite movies to watch together. Stock up on some healthy snacks like dried mango, almonds, carrots and sliced fruit, these won’t bloat you and they’re still great movie snacks!

Facemasks and Tea

Just before bed, put on your favourite hydrating face mask to give you that much aspired to wedding day glow the next day. Drink some herbal tea that will help you sleep and wash your body of toxins. This should leave you feeling warm, hydrated and ready for bed.

Early bedtime

Make sure to go to bed by 9pm, so that you can get as much sleep as possible before your early morning. You want to make sure you’re well rested for your exciting day ahead.

We hope that this routine works for you and that you feel absolutely gorgeous on the day of your wedding!