10 Tips for Flawless Wedding Makeup

10 Tips for Flawless Wedding Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and certainly one of your most photographed days, therefore you want to be looking your absolute best. We have come up with 10 tips to help you have the most flawless appearance throughout your special day.

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Take your Wedding Season into Consideration

For a Summer wedding, you want to make sure that the foundation you use doesn’t shine too easily, otherwise you’ll be touching up with powder more than an ideal amount. For Winter, you would want a foundation that isn’t too dry. If you have a day-to-night wedding, you want to make sure that you’re wearing something long lasting. For Summer, you also want to wear an anti-shine water-resistant primer before you apply your foundation.

Choose a Lipstick You Feel Comfortable In

The best trick is going to a make up counter or store with a wide selection of colours e.g. MAC, and trying out as many colours as your heart desires. You will know once you have the right one. A natural shade is ideal as it is less re-application and less chance of it smudging. You might even choose to wear a gloss over the shade you choose, this will add an extra element of glam to your make up.

Drink Lots of Water Before the Big Day

Hydrated skin allows for the best make up application. Although you should aim to get in your 2 Liters a day every day, it is especially important before your big day if you want glowing wedding make up.

Have a Makeup Trial

Most freelance makeup artists will offer a trial prior to your wedding day. This is a great opportunity to discuss what kind of look you are going for and for the artist to become acquainted with your face and skin. By doing a trial you are ensuring that you will be happy and confident in the makeup look you have chosen.

Use Waterproof Products

Make sure everything is waterproof! On a day where you are bound to shed a tear or two, make sure to have a beauty blender on hand so that you do not have a tear streaked face all day.

Find Balance in Your Look

If you are going for a smokey eye look, opt for lighter skin make up and a natural lip. If you are going for a bold lip rather have lighter skin make up as well and more neutral tones on the eyes. For a bold lip, you also want to make sure that you go for a matte lipstick as it’s longer wear and less prone to smudging or transferring.

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Keep a Few Products On-Hand Throughout the Day

You should always have your lipstick and some translucent powder or blotting papers on hand. Hopefully if you have used the right products you will only have to touch up two or three times throughout the day.

Make Sure Your Foundation is a Perfect Match

Ensure that your foundation is the same shade as your neck as it will be blended down there, and you don’t want it to appear splotchy. You’re going to be photographed all day and the last thing you want is your foundation not matching your skin tone.

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Use a Serum the Night Before

As part of your nighttime skincare, use a serum that is for glowing skin or that contains Vitamin C & E, as these help to keep your skin hydrated and provide a natural glow. Your skin will thank you for it the next day.

Use a Teeth Whitening Product

Most teeth whitening products take weeks or months to show true results, so you will want to start using them about 2-3 months before the wedding day. Your teeth will be on showcase all day so you want them to be looking their best.

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We hope that these tips and tricks are useful to you and that this article made you excited for your big day!