As a student town in the Winelands, Stellenbosch has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife. We have compiled a list of iconic and newly introduced bars and lounges throughout the city. The perfect compilation of hotspots for any type of traveller or local in search of their favourite watering hole.

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1. Balboa Balcony Bar

Starting off with the well known yet exclusive Balboa, with the age restrictions of 21 (or 23 on weekends) or older, this allows for the older crowd to avoid all of the chaos that is student bars. They have a delicious selection of cocktails, we recommend the Grapefruit and Thyme Smash for a lovely citrus yet herbaceous finish. They also have wonderful wood fired pizzas.


2. Le Grand Domaine Enoteca

Enoteca being the Italian word for Wine Bar, this wine bar offers a selection of 29 wines from two brands to choose from. A favourite of ours being the Grand Vin De Stellenbosch Shiraz and you have to try their mushroom risotto while you’re there!

3. Fool’s Gold Social Bar

Social Bar is the perfect term for this location as it is trendy restaurant and bar in the day but turns into a great spot to go out at night. Unfortunately the queue does get a bit long on the weekends to make sure to go early if you want to skip that.


4. Craft

This bar is unique to Stellenbosch as it is the only bar that offers both craft beer and craft gin tastings. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a new experience.

5. Blix Tavern

Just having opened a few months ago, this is certainly the newest bar that we have on the list. However, with its enchanting fairy lights and great selection of drinks, it has become quite the hot spot. They have very limited seating so perhaps reserving a table in advance would be your best bet to avoid disappointment.


6. The Wine Glass

With over 130 wines on their list, you are certainly spoilt for choice. They also have a lovely selection of food to pair with your wine. Such as a platter of oysters with a glass of crisp Chenin Blanc.

7. Bohemia

This spot is a local favourite, especially amongst the younger crowd as it’s edgy and a bit like a dive bar. They have great drinks and they’re known for their jam jars. It is usually quite busy on Thursday nights as they have live rock music.


8. Brampton’s Wine Studio

Arguably the most famous wine bar in Stellenbosch, Brampton’s has very well priced wines and some tasty flatbreads to snack on. They also give each table chalk to draw on the table, it brings out your creative side and makes you feel like a kid again!

9. Julian’s Café Bar

Julian’s is an institution amongst the students, not only do they have crazy drinks specials, they also have the best nachos in town. There is always a good vibe when you walk past, perhaps because the students start coming for drinks straight after lectures. It’s a must see if you want to experience student life in Stellenbosch.


10.x§x§ Stellenbosch Wine Bar

They showcase a selection of wines from five different brands from all over the Western Cape. We particularly love their Rust en Vrede range. They encourage guests to enjoy a Mediterranean style of eating by sharing plates for the table.

We are sure that there is a bar in Stellenbosch for any type of person and any type of night that you may be in search of; feel free to share your favourite spots with us on Instagram @hawksmoorhouse