We’re all very familiar with Summer weddings and the light colours that accompany them; however, Winter provides the opportunity to look into alternative colour palettes and themes. We’ve come up with a few interesting suggestions and some décor options that you could make use of.

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Winter Wonderland

Fully leaning into the Winter theme, your cool toned wedding will be sure to be a memorable event with sparkles all around. Some white painted trees leading you down the aisle, crystals hanging from your centrepieces of white orchids and white roses and some blue LED lighting to add to the ambiance. Your menus could even be in the shape of snowflakes. The dessert table could be a blue and white theme with macaroons, Lindor balls and coconut ice.

Forest Green Garden Wedding

For a garden wedding you would obviously want to embrace the greenery, thus having a forest green and grey palette you get a very elegant take on it. The tables could have runners made out of leaves from ferns and ivy. Using slices of tree trunks as your underplate at each seating is a great way to warm up the table. Due to it being outside, you can hang fairy lights in the trees and having lanterns strung over the tables will create a lovely makeshift roof.

Blue and Red Bohemian Theme

Having a navy blue and burgundy red theme is sure to make a statement, both of these colours being so regal. With the groomsmen wearing navy suites and the bridesmaids wearing burgundy dresses they will start off the ceremony with a bang. Falling into the Bohemian theme, you could get a couple of Persian carpets (which often make use of these colours) and create a casual seating area with some pillows laid across them. Your centrepieces could be made of red roses and eucalyptus leaves, perhaps stacked on a pile of vintage books.

Romantic Blush and Rose Gold

Although these colours may seem more Summer-y, the idea of bridesmaids in blush dresses with white or cream fur coats is simply mesmerising. They are also luckily easy to decorate with as you get many blush coloured flowers and they pair beautifully with white or cream flowers for your bouquet or centrepieces. You can also make use of rose gold spray painted mason jars for DIY décor or rose gold candle sticks or holders for a more polished effect. You may even want to add some rose gold elements to your wedding cake or dessert table.

Taupe and Black Minimalist Style

Minimalist style weddings are the new “in” thing and for many reasons, they are not only more cost effective but also often eco-friendly and stylish. Using wood accents gives a very natural feel, pairing those with some simple black candles and black under plates will look beautiful. This colour theme can also make for a stunning wedding cake of alternating layers of black and taupe.

We hope that these have whet your appetite and got you adding some pins to your Pinterest board! We aim to break the stigma around Winter weddings being less desirable and show you that they can be even more stylish.