Cabernet Franc – Magdalen Rosé – 2019

Wine Name & Vintage:

Magdalen Rosé – 2019

So named after Nicholas Hawksmoor’s work towards the designs of Magdalen (pronounced Maudlin) College Oxford, UK.


Grape(s) / Blend:

Cabernet Franc– 100%. On the farm we have two blocks, both are near the entrance of the farm, one of 5 ha, the traditional “jacquez” ( also known as Spanish Black) variety and the second c 3 ha of Rootstock 99, younger vines, albeit now 22 years old,  they are bush vines, on gravelly ground, with a gentle slope for good drainage, and cooler soil. These particular vines are particularly beneficial for the style of Rose we strive to achieve. We therefore do not blend the grapes with the “Jaquay” block.


Oaking / Alcohol %:

13.5% Alcohol by volume. This is an unoaked wine.


Platters Rating:

Awaiting Submission


Platters Comments:

“Light berry notes” … “rose belie” … a wine expression meaning  “the mid palate presence of gentle grip”“dry, succulent, with hint of flint”


Number of bottles made:

1,200 bottles


Further Notes:

The salmon pink colour of the wine was achieved by leaving the skin of this red grape for two hours during the initial crushing and standing process. The wine maker has achieved a subtle balance between fruit and crispness. This is a rare opportunity to find rose made from this classic Bordeaux variety. Those that like it, keep returning to buy it. Again, the wine also achieves a richer and creamier complexity once it has had the chance to open up in the glass.