Cabernet Franc – Hawksmoor Red – 2015

Wine Name & Vintage:

Hawksmoor Red – 2015

Rare to be offered as a single variety, so we have decided not to name this wine, as yet, since the wine speaks for itself.


Grape(s) / Blend:

Cabernet Franc– 100%. In the notes for our Cabernet Franc “Magdalen” Rosé we describe the two blocks of Cabernet Franc that we have at the Farm. For this red wine single variety we select grapes from both blocks but generally major on the Rootstock 99, particularly because of its soil, location, slope etc – in France the word used for the combination of all factors that combine to add up to make a good growing environment is known as good “terroir”.


Oaking / Alcohol %:

The wine is a robust 15% alcohol by volume.


Platters Rating:

Awaiting Submission


Platters Comments:

A point of interest in regard to the “Platters” guide: Wineries are only allowed to submit a wine once to the guide, unless there are very good case can be present to allow a second submission. This wine is very well received, but from experience of our previous and first Cab Franc (2013) this still will improve. It drinks well now, but, we believe continue to age beautifully. The plan is to submit it for the 2020 guide. 


Number of bottles made:

3,450 bottles


Further Notes:

The salmon pink colour of the wine was achieved by leaving the skin of this red grape for two hours during the initial crushing and standing process. The wine maker, Rocco De Villiers has achieved a subtle balance between fruit and crispness. This is a rare opportunity to find rose made from this classic Bordeaux variety. Those that like it, keep returning to buy it. Again, the wine also achieves a richer and creamier complexity once it has had the chance to open up in the glass.