We are thrilled to announce that Hawksmoor House has appointed a full-time chef, Chef Kerry Baird, enhancing your experience with us! Our team is now poised to prepare daily lunches and dinners, ensuring that your stay is filled with exquisite dining experiences tailored to your preferences. From farm-fresh ingredients to gourmet delights, indulge in a culinary journey that complements the beauty of your surroundings.

Kerry hails from East London, but has moved all around South Africa through her childhood, studies, and work experiences—thus offering an expansive history that aids her culinary gifting. Having dabbled in many places with various chefs, she has cultivated a passion for home-style cooking shaped by the flair of her creativity.

She looks forward to welcoming the creative space offered by our kitchen and being encouraged by the people around her onsite. To honour the rich heritage of our country, she aims to refresh the culinary scene at Hawksmoor House by using old school techniques and recipes in unique Simple Seasonal South African Goodness.